Get control over your eCommerce stack with Headle Middleware.

Let each element of your current stack focus on what they do best.
Use your current eCommerce backend as you are used doing it.

Connect your Headless frontend with Headle and unleash its full potential.




Connect with any eCommerce API Based Service, Magento, Shopware, Shopify, Lightspeed

No more re-platforming

Each action or setting will be pickup by the middleware and can be used on any point

Modern Tech stack

We choose our tech stack to be not conventional and out of the box, this results that your data is processed and presented within microseconds.

Headless Frontend

Build your own frontend on any desired eCommerce frontend platform and use the building blocks provided by Headle

Reduce Time to Market

up to 5x faster Time To market

Manage your Middleware

Create custom endpoints

Critical services can have an isolated middleware, other endpoints can be used to analyze your data. No worries about tapping performance from your critical services.

Powerful replication

Replicate your data so that you can create multiple endpoints to analyze your data.

Always in Sync

Don’t worry about the data, it will always be synchronized

Build by Headle

Everything you need for a Headless storefront

Headle middelware are building blocks, these building blocks can be used to create an ultra fast Headless storefront.

Multiple frameworks

Building blocks can be used with multiple frameworks like Laravel, NextJS, Vuestorefront


Can be integrated with multiple eCommerce frameworks: Magento, Shopify, Lightspeed, Shopware etc.

Headle Framework

We created an eCommerce framework based on Laravel and the good news
it is a PWA!

Always in sync

Your data in Headle will be in sync with your eCommerce backend by our fast importing API interations.

Increased developer productivity

Keep it simple!


Connect with the best of breed in the industry, easily connect with shipping, warehousing, payment vendors and much more.


Collaborate with your agency

Already have a web development partner? Let them create a stunning Headless frontend or application. They will receive the following packages.

  • eCommerce Headless frontend framework

  • Platform access

  • Work with the Headle team

  • Direct Access on Slack

  • Implementation service

Start improving your customer experience today

Contact us and let's get together to create incredible shopping experiences.